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Dear clients, we thank you for your unconditional love and support and making SEO Corporation one of the most famous SEO Companies in world. Your kind words of appreciations has helped us mainatain our zeal and achieve great results.

Vishal & his team did an incredible job for me and my website. I came to these guys when they were a small startup like me and within 3 months of joining hands with them my traffic grew 1800% and profits grew by 76%. Today, my website ranks in the top 3 slots for all the targeted keywords; meanwhile I have also seen Vishal’s company growing strength by strength into a big brand. I just love their incredible customer support and I can bet it is amongst the best in the world.
Jonathan, Florida (USA)

SEO Corporation took my amateur website and made it look professional. They are patient with my part-time schedule, and the support is amazing... it is as if I am dealing with a company next door instead of on the other side of the world! The personal attention I get makes me feel like I am their only client.

Andrew Elphee, CEO, BrokenThermoStat

We came to Vishal and his SEO team during the beginning stages of building a clientele. Within just a few short months we shot up the rankings to the top three in each of our major key words. Not only that but Vishal and his team added several other relevant keywords, and put us at the top of those searches as well. Within four months of using their services our profits increased by 400%. This is directly related to client searches. I love working with SEO Corporation because of the personal one-on-one attention I get. I feel like their only customer, even though they serve thousands.

Steve, California (USA) 

In the beginning, I had my reservations about hiring an SEO firm based in India. After an exhaustive research, I met Vishal & his team and from the very first interaction I knew I could trust them. I will not hesitate in saying that I am fortunate I found them. What really took me by surprise was their amazing customer support services. I never imagined SEO company to be this client friendly and cost effective. I never felt like I was dealing with an offshore company.

Joshua, Sydney, Australia

The cost advantage inspired me to outsource my SEO to India and I am lucky I found these guys. Back in my country I was spending more than $5000 on the in-house SEO services without getting any results. Now SEO Corporation provides me the same services in just $1500 per month with better results.

Andew, New York, USA

I first hired these guys for some on-page help for my site. Their dedication and professionalism motivated me to take up their SEO starter package. Now I have four dedicated SEO managers working on my online jewelry site at the cost of one. These guys also maintain several blogs for me and update fresh content regularly.

Damian, Melbourne, Australia

When I was planning to get SEO services for my websites, I requested quotes from three different companies. The three were based in UK, India and my native land Australia respectively. For the same amount of work the quotes that I received from UK were $2500, Australia $3500 and India $500. Honestly, I was a bit skeptic about the quality of the work that I would receive from Vishal’s company but in the end I was left a very happy and satisfied customer.

Anastasiya, Saint Petersburg, Russia

I mainly outsource my content work to SEO Corporation. Apart from being extremely cost-effective, the quality of their work is exceptional. Being an American I can bet there is no difference in the quality of articles written at SEO Corporation as compared to a Native American writer. The only difference is in the prices. Before finding Vishal, I was paying a minimum of $40 for an article and $60 to $80 for a copy of press release and now I get the same quality and work for $15 and $25 respectively.

Gerry, Prague, Czech Republic

I came to Vishal when my site was badly hit by Google Panda update last year. I was worried as I lost all my traffic through search engine. These guys analyzed my link profiles and found the links which may have caused the problem. They removed those links and applied for re – consideration. They really saved me and my business.

Arturo, Italy

SEO Corporation has gone way beyond the services I originally contacted them to perform. Vishal and partners increased our visibility substantially after suffering a setback with a redesigned website. I'm happy to say, it appears we at, are back on track to enjoying more web traffic as well as an increase in sales. Thank you for your fantastic service and great communications.

David Joel

I want to first and foremost say thanks to Vishal and his team of experts, I met Vishal when my business was at the lowest point possible. I had second thoughts about closing it down but Vishal convinced me that there is a bright future for us both if we stick it out. Firstly, I started doing SEO with him and I am very impressed with the short time he was able to move ranking to the top pages of Google. After that it gave me even more reasons to resell all my services through his agency. Now, after few months we are working on 6-7 projects and more will come as we keep moving in the right direction. I always have doubts about outsourcing to an Indian company but this was a statement to prove that Vishal’s not just acompany from India but a GREAT ONE where companies all over the world can benefit from his agency.

Jack Chang

More than business partners, Vishal and I are friends. I often seek his advice for light on my online advertising campaigns and he never lets me down.

Claire , Adelaide, Australia

My site was penalized and I was in a state of panic when a business friend of mine and a client of SEO Corporation referred me to them. My site is not only back in rankings but it is also shield from any algorithmic updates.

Harvey ,West Sussex, United Kingdom

I first came to know about SEO Corporation through a post on comparative analysis of SEO prices across continents. I can just say that I have been lucky to have found them. Before taking their services, I used to pay $5000/month for SEO for three of my sites and now I get the same services at just $1500 with the results being 15 times better.

Marko, Germany

My company employs SEO copywriters both in the US and abroad. Vishal and his team are our top content writers in terms of production and quality. Currently Vishal's team writes for 5-10 of our websites on a monthly basis and we plan to continue adding more projects with Vishal over 2013. Vishal is highly responsive to our feedback and we've been able to work with Vishal to craft the content for websites in a wide range of markets. Like many, I was reluctant to outsource copywriting, but Vishal has made me a believer! I highly recommend Vishal and his team.

Shelly, New York