Why My Ranking is Going Down

23Feb, 2018
site is launched. It has been optimized with high quality content, proper meta tags, alt tags etc. In the first few weeks , Its rankings go quite high. After a certain period of time (approximately 15 days) It starts going down. We observed this phenomenon in dozens of new site on which we started SEO after launching them over a period of several years . At first the clients are very happy seeing the great improvements in rankings in the first month. In this phase they are the happiest clients but after certain days they face the harsh face of Google. They start losing their initial improvements.Why? This is a common phenomenon coz when a site is launched Google gives It high ranking to expose and attract proper links. After the initial phase of support is over the rankings start slipping back and it can only be retained If work has already started. There is no need to panic. You just need to have patience as SEO is all about patience.The best recommendation for new site is to start slow but keep it steady. Some webmaster in a hurry to get high rankings make too many links in a short time. Never resort to this practice. Instead focus on quality instead of quantity. Some of the most important SEO tips are as follows:

1)    Frequently add content: The more content you add to your site the better. But don’t post sloppy content. Be as comprehensive as possible and don’t forget to back up your content with research data. I wrote a blog post recently, in which I mentioned that a site can get 48 percent more traffic by increasing the pages from 50 to 100 !! It was liked and appreciated by several marketer. Read the post here. Adding content in a regular basis increases your domain authority,probability of ranking on long tail keywords etc.

2)    Get links to all pages: Instated of getting links to just home page, get links to all pages of the site. According to MajesticSEO, Wikipedia has 6 millions links to home page and 600 million links to inner pages perhaps that is why It ranks for millions of keywords. Make links for each page.

3)   Be careful about anchor text in link building: While making links don’t make links with anchor text only. Use as much as variation possible. The total number of links with exact match anchor text should preferably be less than 30%. A recent case study shown that you can rank well for competitive keywords by keeping the anchor text link saturation below 30%.

4)   Don’t make too many links too fast: An SEO expert conducted an experiment in which he made thousands of links in a very short span of site. Although he started ranking evry high in very less time, his rankings started to slip after first few weeks. Search engines are very smart at understanding the pace of the natural link building. So start slow and keep it steady. Read What Happens When You Build 10,000 Dodgy Links to a New Domain in 24 Hours?

5)   Don’t use rank checking softwares: Some business owners in a zeal of checking ranking fast use rank checking softwares. Avoid the use of these softwares as Google might ban your site and ip for sending automatic queries.

6)   Write long post: Google prefers longer content. Make your content at least 2000 words. Longer content seem to convert well and preferred by Google.

7)   Build up social signal: Try to focus on creating a brand which followers swears by. To create such a staunch fan following, you need to care for your audience and present them with interesting, informative and entertaining information.

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