Start a Successful Online Business In 5 Easy Steps

Start a Successful Online Business In 5 Easy Steps

This post is for those who want to know how to start an online business with very low budget.

Internet has opened a world of infinite possibilities before us. Before the internet era, It used to take several decades to reach a million or billion dollar mark in revenue for a brick and mortar business despite having great products and demand. Internet changed everything.

In the last two decades, we saw thousands of start-ups reach million or billion in revenue within just few years. Seems like we have entered into a time machine where years compress into months and decades compress into years. That is a Internet magic, indeed !!

Coming back to the topic, this very internet provides all and especially start-ups to reach their target audience directly with the right message without caring for any known boundaries. Now you can sell your web design services to a client based on the other side of Atlantic as easily as you can prepare a cup of coffee for yourself. With this easy access and democratization there are some disadvantages as well. Your voice can get lost in the noise of other participants in the same race vying for the same attention.

If you are beginner, It always tough to get yourself heard. To get attention you can either do aggressive marketing on TV, radio, newspapers, cabs or any kind on intrusive marketing you want to do. But every one is not lucky like Mark Benioff of to have milliosn of dollars in coffers to spend on advertising per month before getting even the first sign-up. Most of the startups don’t have investment to back up. In that case you, you need to target the most ROI centric mode of advertising.

Let me walk through a sample startup scene so I can drive the idea before you.

You have been doing a 9-5 job at company and suddenly you feel now you can’t bear this any more. Some people plan everything before quitting job. But most people like us never do. We just have an idea what we intend to do. Either you are entering into the blue ocean or red ocean It depends on you. I will suggest ways to succedd online only. Remember: You need courage to start, vision to succeed , persistence to stick to your goals.

I exclude the idea that you are already a rich guy and starting just another venture to multiply your revenue. In this post I am assuming you you to be a first time entrepreneur with zeal, passion and lack of cash.

Step 1.

Choose a brand name, choose a related domain. You can choose generic TLD like .com, .net, .org etc if you are targeting audience globally or you can choose a country specific TLD if you are targeting any specific country. As an example, if you are target audinece is based in Canada, prefer .ca domain, similarly you can choose a domain for any country if possible. For Australia it is , for UK it is etc. Country specific TLDs perform better on search engine locally on search engines. will most likely perform better in Australia than But if you have already bought a generic domain with the extension .com, .org, .net etc then you can still target a specific country through Google Webmaster tool. You can buy domain from Godaddy, etc

Step 2.

After you are done with domain registration buy a hosting for your site or defer it till you get a site designed and developed. There are several kind of website hosting option available. You can choose window or linux hosting. Linux does not support a site on .NET ( aspx) in that case you might need to choose Window hosting. Linux hosting supports almost all other major languages like PHP, Java etc.

Step 3.

Now the next step is to get a logo and a website. A logo is essential for branding so you need to be very careful as it will be face of your company. A good advice for you. If you are in USA, UK or Australia It will cost you anything between $500 to $1000 to hire a logo designing company. If that is the case you can outsource it to companies in India or Phillipines. There are lots ofgood logo design companies in these countries which will cost you anything between $70- $199. Don’t worry about the quality of work. Most of the companies in USA, UK Australia which takes $500+ outsource their work to India.

Step 4.

Apart you are done with the logo, you need a website. Getting a 10 page website designed and developed in UK, USA, Australia will cost you around $5000. In this case you can outsource your web design project to an expert company in India. It will cost you around $999 only. A huge saving which you can use to fuel your marketing later.

Step 5:

Now put some original content and now you are ready to go. If you find yourself lacking in time then you can hire expert content writers or copywriters who will research your niche, competition, target audience etc and write compelling articles for you.

Congratulations your site is live and you are officially and entrepreneur. Cheers!!

Till now you must have saved more than $5000. Now the real challenge comes. How to get client, customers?

Since this post is to helping a person start online business without much money I won’t suggest spending money on costly advertisements on TV, radio, new papers. You can start with Pay Per Click. Running PPC campaign is very flexible as you can choose your budget, time, target audience and it can help you get business instantly. Meanwhile you can optimize for search engines for free traffic.
Let me explain it below.

85% of clicks go to organic searches and people tend to trust these results. But PPC is good for an immediate start.

Keep your focus on organic traffic and to sustain your zeal get clients through paid ads. Know How to Convert Leads into Paying Clients and Satisfied Clients here.

To get good rankings you can hire a SEO company or do it yourself for free.

To know how to succeed at start-up marketing. Must watch the video. Which will help you get lots of clients and customers through inbounding marketing

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