How to Promote Your Brand On Facebook and Get More Likes on Wall Posts

How to Promote Your Brand On Facebook and Get More Likes on Wall Posts

According to the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2012 Financial Summary of Facebook there are 1.06 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Its indeed a whopping number, isn’t It? On an average the number of daily user is 618 million and the number of mobile active users is 680 million per day compared to super bowl ads which are watched by approx 111.3 and 117.7 million people on an average in 2012. Super bowl ads cost a lot of money. Audi paid $4 million for a mere 30 second commercial but you can create a great video or post and reach more views than a super bowl ad without paying a single penny. That is the power of Facebook brand promotion. Except some well known brands most of the companies s*#k at Facebook brand promotion. So let us find what works and what does not work in the world of Facebook.
A recent study of 98 Global brands identifies the issue which increases and decreases the likelihood of a company’s post to be liked, shared or commented. In this study more the researchers coded more than 1000 wall posts from 98 global brands and tried to find underlying reasons which motivated a user to like, share or comment on them.

The research suggested 6 ways by which social media marketers and brand managers can get more likes on their posts.

1) Pictures are now worth millions of word- Pictures are worth a million words. Pictures are liked more than any other kind of post as they seem to be very personal to everyone. Besides, It has been observed that funny pictures get more likes than other kind of posts. So, make posts funny and present your brand in a pictorial way.

2) Be topical: If it is Christmas and a brand shares something related with It. People are more likely to like it. Contemporary massages are more likely to be liked.

3) Don’t hesitate to talk about your product or brand: Visitors love to engage with the brands they identify themselves with. So share your products and services occasionally.

4) Educate fans: Brands which share useful information are liked by people who love to align their own identity with it. If you are known as a trusted brands then people will more likely to share your status updates. One of the best examples is SEO Corporation’s facebook page. We had a mere following of only 486 initially but we kept on sharing high quality posts and useful posts and suddenly our fanbase rose to 4000+ as people want to keep themselves updated about latest developments in the field of SEO. We offer the same reputation management services to our clients. Enquire now!!

5) Give your brand a human face: People like a brand with a human face. Brand which engage their users get more likes and shares.

6) Be humorous: People love to those who can make them laugh. Being humorous is an art. In fact, being humorous is not an easy task.Posts that generate a chuckle get maximum likes be it a funny picture like the above.

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