Google PageRank Update Going On 4th and 5th Feb 2013

Google PageRank Update Going On 4th and 5th Feb 2013

Did you realize that Google toolbar pagerank update is going on?

My site’s Google toolbar page rank ( also known as Google PR) increased from zero to two. What about yours?

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I realized it just few minutes back as half an hour before one of SEO Corporation’s brand new sites had zero pagerank. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a small green mark in PR toolbar after a random refresh. I refreshed It two times to cross check what I was seeing. The home page page rank increased from zero to 2 and almost 20 out of 80 inner pages also got page rank 2. And rest of the pages got page rank 1 except few very new pages. A good news for all us!! Besides, we saw improvements in page rank of all of 800+ SEO clients and all of their sites saw great improvements in page rank. New sites saw most drastic improvements. Most of them jumping from zero to three. Sites with 3+ PR saw least improvements and the amount of work required increases exponentially with every rise in PR. Thanks to quality work of the link building team.

Google Page Rank Explained

Last year when Google toolbar pagerank was updated we saw our company’s flagship sites increase from zero to directly three. But this time only Its inner pages saw improvements. Not the home page.

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