Case Study Mist Avenue

27Feb, 2018

How We helped Our Clients Sell Villas100 Million USD in profit within just 3 months.

October 2012                                                                             January 2013


This client is a real estate agent in New Delhi. He is with us for a almost a year now. Till now we had worked on approx 18 micro sites for him. Some of the multi-million dollar projects had been Gaur Sports Wood, Mist Avenue, Premia Corporate City, Sarvottam NX One etc. It is worth to mentioning that these are highly competitive projects with approx 200+ million of dollars at stake in each.

When a project is announced the faster you make your site live ( and get indexed by Google)the more exposure It can get and the longer It can stay in ranking. Mind that in the world of micro sites even the number of hours matter. When we heard about this project, we immediately swung into action and bought 4 domains like,, and as all other variations had been booked. We uploaded a template given by client and put our optimized content on it and set the target country as India in Google WebMaster tool for all these sites except as Its target country is India by default. After putting meta tags, alt tags etc for all the possible variations of Mist Avenue with its location we started link building. After the on page optimization was complete we submitted each page of the site via Fetch as Google (Google WebMaster tool ) feature and then submitted the its sitemap. To get the site indexed fast we also published a blog on WordPress and linked it to the main site. This helped the site get indexed fast. After this we started link building thorough social bookmarking, link exchange etc. Within 12 hours our site was #1 but other three were missing but we continued link building for all. In next 72 hours all our sites were #1, #2, #3 and #4. Client was able to tap all the traffic coming via search engine. We maintained these rankings for the months and the client reported to sell more than 50 ultra luxurious mist avenue Villas worth 100 million USD approximately 5.5 Billion INR though his brokerage firm.

Mist Avenue has been one of the most successful projects among all real estate projects.

Details of the project: Real Estate Project selling ultra-luxurious villas prices starting at 10 crore each (Approximately 2 Million USD)

Challenges: Competition from big players due to high profit margin with each sale. Very less time for designing, developing, writing the content and hosting the site and start doing SEO.


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